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Partner with us, and we will get you there faster

Shaping Cloud provides innovative managed services in Security, Identity, Modern Workplace (Microsoft 365) and Infrastructure (cloud and hybrid-cloud) for customers based across the United Kingdom (UK).


We’re a little different from the rest.  

Given the challenges of maintaining a good service to your userbase, businesses can find it difficult to know where to start with cloud, ensure they have the right skillset, stay up to date and how best to secure it.  

We provide your organisation with the opportunity to truly benefit from our managed services without the pain of becoming an expert – or more costly, having to recruit one. Working as your trusted partner, Shaping Cloud will extend our expertise across to your IT teams to see the value technology can bring, help upskill your teams and reap its benefits now and in the future. 

One of the hardest aspects of any transformation is building the momentum required to push through some of the big changes that need to be made to truly realise the benefit the strategy provides. 

By having the resources solely focused on supporting those changes without the distractions of business as usual we have seen our partners achieve strategy realisation far quicker than those who attempt to spin both plates at the same time. 

Our Services

We understand that every organisation is unique and therefore tailor our services to suit your requirements. From complete management of your infrastructure to the support of your internal IT teams; we provide a variety of services that can take your business to the next level.  

Whether you need to completely outsource your IT support or require a few extra pairs of hands to help manage, prevent or identify innovative and valuable solutions, we can alleviate these worries, and allow you to focus on BAU.  

With your business needs in mind, our expert technologists will work with you to develop a service plan that aligns with your goals, adds value and provides ongoing innovative opportunities. 

But our services do not stop there. As your partner, even if you require expert opinions on a project or strategy, our certified IT professionals are there to help, guide and transfer knowledge at any stage you need.  

We are Experts and Specialists in IT 

Our technologists and engineers are made up of expert DevOps Engineers​, Azure Solutions Architect​s, Azure DevOps Engineers; as well as ​Azure Security Engineers,​ Azure Administrators, and​ Azure Developer Associate​s; and specialists with Application Development, Application Integration​, Cloud Platform, Cloud Productivity (incl. modern desktop)​, Datacentre,​ DevOps​ and Security.  

We also hold expertise with VMWare / Citrix / Cisco / PRINCE 2 / Agile / ITIL. 

We have a strong and broad capability across the whole Microsoft cloud technology. 

Why partner with Shaping Cloud?

We are different – we are a managed service partner, not just a provider. We are a breath of fresh air, with a team that is agile, pragmatic and intuitive.

We are your partner, not a provider

We pride ourselves on aligning to your target operating model and integrating with you and your teams to ensure a successful partnership. Shaping Cloud offers a true partnership, providing the skills you do not have in-house. Shaping Cloud is always leaning forward and keeping up the momentum, rather than holding you back unlike a traditional MSP. 

Born in the hyperscale

We are not tied down by a legacy approach to technology. We understand the benefits that cloud can provide any organisation, and we are experienced in ensuring cloud delivers them. We support your tech teams in deploying to Azure, or demonstrating working in an Agile way so that your teams can start to adopt new ways of working too.

Certified and experienced

We hold both company and team competencies (including Microsoft Partnerships at Gold level), as well as cyber essentials plus and ITIL expert. Shaping Cloud is well equipped beyond Managed Services. We hold the latest understanding; we know the technology and how you can benefit from it and we will ensure you get a friendly, approachable and understanding engineer to help you along the way.

Tailored and flexible offerings

We understand one size does not fit all, and we understand that service uses may vary month to month. Based on this, our managed service offerings are completely bespoke to your organisation. From the type of support you require to the price you are set to pay, our services are made to your needs.  

Fixed, but flexible fees 

We bring the preferred pay-as-you-go payment to the forefront of our partnership, offering greater flexibility to organisations based on their scale and elastic needs for that month. Our Managed Services allow our partners to draw on as much or as little support as they need at each stage of their journey. 

Always leaning forward and seeking improvements 

We take an automation-first approach, enabling us to modernise as we deliver. In the fast-paced world of tech, our engineers and technology experts work towards identifying opportunities for optimisation and efficiency, taking a security-first approach to ensure least privilege, allowing your organisation to reap the true benefits of technology and an expert managed service. 

Extension of your team 

With our third line Managed Service expertise, we’re set to become an extension of your IT team. This enables your IT team to focus on what they do best, looking after their customers (your users) and enables us to focus on the technology. 

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Shaping Cloud are a company dedicated to delivering true digital transformation. Formed in 2010, we have seen the ever-growing benefits of cloud adoption across many sectors. Our mission is to help clients differentiate between the cloud that is just an illusion and that which brings true transformational value. Download our Brochures today!

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