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7 ways Shaping Cloud embrace equity

8 March 2023 READ MORE

How to embrace equity


Integrated Care Systems, regional collaboration & digital innovation

30 June 2022 READ MORE

Delivering savings and sustainability through cloud 

3 May 2022 READ MORE

Choosing a Managed Service Provider (MSP) with Confidence

26 April 2022 READ MORE

Why is Zero Trust and Identity & Access Management becoming a Hot Topic for the NHS?

21 February 2022 READ MORE

Legal Sector: The need for digital transformation and an enhanced customer experience (CX)

23 November 2021

The need for Legal Firms and Authorities to Transform. The increase in the need for cloud adoption within the legal sector, whilst accelerated by COVID predates the global pandemic. In fact, Legal Process & Technology Co-Head, Andreas Bong, discusses how since 2005, the number of lawyers have been “constantly increasing” – meaning that resources have “almost doubled” over the past decade, in addition to “total costs rising”.


Should Local Authorities choose the Cloud over Data Centres?

9 November 2021

Thanks to the ever-growing Digital Landscape, technology is fast becoming an integral part of the general public’s everyday life, making organisations and their communities more connected than ever.


Why should public sector organisations invest in Identity & Access Management solutions?

2 November 2021

Why should public sector organisations invest in Identity and Access Management solutions? With the acceleration of cloud adoption, remote working, tech evolution and the frequency of cyber security breaches, organisations are realising the value that an identity and access management solution can provide – but is it worth the investment?


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