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If you build it, they will come.

World class digital services are the crucial last mile in any public sector transformation journey.

Building digital services that focus on the user need is in our DNA. We’ve been building cloud-based software since Shaping Cloud was founded in 2010. SC: Innovate is an all encompassing approach to building a new digital service, be it a website, mobile app or platform.

We have successfully delivered digital projects for customers including the BBC, Microsoft, Red Bull, Harper Collins and Thomson Reuters. We understand the complex nature of any development project but we retain a focus on the end user and ensure that all complexity is kept away from the person at the other end of the service.

Our team have been championing and advocating the approach of the Government Digital Service since it first came into being in 2011 and our methodology fully aligns to their Digital Service Standard.


  • A user-centred approach to digital service delivery
  • Small, iterative cycles of design, development and testing to ensure outputs match expectations
  • An all encompassing service that covers the full service life-cycle and that can be tailored to match your needs


  • Delivered in partnership with your technical teams and stakeholders to ensure maintainability
  • Years of experience and lessons learned within the team across countless development projects mean you can avoid the same missteps.
  • Deep technical understanding of the Azure platform and how to leverage the hundreds of powerful features it offers

SC: Innovate Services

It was a privilege to work with a company which places client needs first and technological innovation at the core of its business. They helped deliver an inter-disciplinary research project across the three universities into SCEnAT in a very creative and innovative way.

Afold Aquaye

Senior Lecturer, The University of Sheffield

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Shaping Cloud are a company dedicated to delivering true digital transformation. Formed in 2010, we have seen the ever-growing benefits of cloud adoption across many sectors. Our mission is to help clients differentiate between the cloud that is just an illusion and that which brings true transformational value. Download our Brochures today!

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