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Codifying the UK Gov Planning process

Supported through MHCLG funding, a group of five local authorities (‘councils’) led by Lambeth are digitising the planning process, including rethinking the design from the ground up. As many of us have experienced, applying for planning permission can be a slow and opaque process, so I’m sure we’ll all welcome improvements to it.

What is particularly exciting about this project is that they’re now looking at the possibility of actually codifying the legislation, so that consistency of application of the legislation and true automation can be achieved. This leads us to ponder, what other legislation can be codified?

For information on this project: https://www.ripa.digital/

To follow the project blog: https://digitalplanningtech.medium.com/

For more info on similar projects funded by MHCLG: https://localdigital.gov.uk/fund/

MHCLG Digital blog: https://mhclgdigital.blog.gov.uk/

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