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Context & Drivers

Revolutionising the traditional Call Centre model of sales development, CallSquad recruits an approved team of global cloud-sourced call agents who use our custom-built platform to work on behalf of leading businesses in order to increase the efficiency of their business development activities. A first in the industry, CallSquad is a pay as you go ‘Lead-to-Revenue’ solution that removes overheads and enables homeworking for the squad – opening up employment opportunities not traditionally available to those needing to commute/work part time/evenings/weekends.

The concept of CallSquad was formed by Richard Heald, previous Executive VP of Sales at BrightTALK. Richard’s sales expertise led to his vision of a cloud-based outbound sales development platform where clients across the world could upload campaign sales contacts and have freelance call agents schedule qualification calls on demand. The platform needed to be highly scalable, operating in a global business-to-business model, and integrate with third party APIs such as Twilio and SalesForce.


CallSquad’s key feature (and also challenge) is providing real-time information and control to users. Our system is designed from the ground up to support thousands of agents working concurrently with hundreds of thousands of calls, using the cloud to dynamically scale to system load, with Node.js deployments managed via automated Grunt tasks. This ensures that the system is never over-capacity and running costs are kept to a minimum.

Using Redis caching and MongoDb to ensure that the information is displayed to customers with a sub-second delay and persisted for later insights and reporting. Our platform enables data about calls and leads to flow in real time from agents to customers. All of the communications are driven by Twilio integrations.


Customers can use this information to directly control their campaigns. If a client feels they have used enough budget, they can stop a campaign and stop agents making calls for them immediately.





Launch Date:

1 January 2015


CEO & Founder

Working with Shaping Cloud has been a pleasure

Working with Shaping Cloud has been a pleasure because they have smart people who are very motivated and technically savvy. Shaping Cloud have worked flexibly with us to provide an affordable means to create a compelling minimum viable product that fast became competitive.