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Microsoft – Work without limits – 2021 Announcements

Microsoft have recently announced an exciting series of new features we’ve come to know and love the global leading technologists for. As the updates become available, our goal is to make it easy for you to access key information and understanding of how the technology can work for your organisation.

Over the past year organisations have accelerated their digital transformation plans with migration to the cloud, modern workplaces and security enhancements. We have witnessed technology help and empower organisations, allowing them to embrace remote and home working. We want to help customers continue this journey by leveraging the powerful tools and solutions offered by Microsoft.

Keep up to date with Microsoft’s 2021 functionality roll out here. We will be frequently updating you with new and upcoming releases, so keep an eye out for our articles!

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook – Extra time – what everyone needs.

Microsoft Teams

What’s new in Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Industry Cloud

The Launch of Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services, Manufacturing and Non-profit organisations.


Coming up: The need to knows  

  • Azure Hybrid, Infrastructure, and Azure Migrate
  • Azure AI
  • Azure Data
  • Azure Datacenters
  • Azure Dev and Ecosystem
  • Security
  • Azure IoT
  • Windows Virtual Desktop

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