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How to embrace equity

There is no doubt that most people want to embrace equity. We want to see our environments become more just and fairer for all, and we want to see those we love being enabled to reach their full potential; but how do we go about it? How can we demonstrate that we are embracing equity?

It’s about taking steps forward in how we think, how we feel and how we act.


Begin with asking yourself some honest questions such as:

  • Do you understand the difference between equity and equality?
  • How many examples of equity can you identify?
  • Is there someone available within your team that can help adopt equitable practices in your workplace or environment?


Feeling respected, understood and considered are all significant to feeling and experiencing equity both in day-to-day life and at work. Begin by asking yourself:

  1. Do you feel respected, understood and considered?
  2. Do you make others feel respected, understood and considered?
  3. Do you feel that your work environment is fair and equitable?


Most importantly, it’s to take action.

Celebrate and recognise the success of others

Not everyone’s achievement will look the same, but they will matter equally to that person.

Advocate for others

Don’t be afraid to challenge stereotypes or against acts of discrimination.


Educate the younger generation about equity and equality and share your experiences.

Why not share with others how they too can embrace equity? Simply click here to download our infographic and share.

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