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Microsoft Azure Health Check

Are you ready for an Azure Health check?

Are you paying too much for your cloud services? Is security or performance becoming a concern?

Evidence shows that a poorly configured and managed cloud service can cost at least 30% more than it should cost.

Our Microsoft Azure Health Check is a comprehensive service that goes beyond the standard “out the box” health check tool. Our service performs a review of your Azure cloud instance/s and makes recommendations that help you optimise your use of cloud by improving performance, exploiting flexibility to match demand, use new features, check security, comply with best practice and control your costs.

We ensure you receive the right recommendations to improve and optimise the use of your cloud services, exploit the flexibility and cloud commercial models, whilst minimising your security risks.

Our prices are determined by the size of your Azure instance/s and whether you wish us to implement the recommended changes or not.  Pricing can start from little as £2,500


What’s included in the Microsoft Azure Health Check?

– A review of your Azure infrastructure and operational practices
– Identification of critical issues, security risks and opportunities for optimisation
– Recommendations on Cloud governance improvements and security risk exposure mitigations
– Recommendations on configuration, utilisation and cost optimisation, which once implemented will save you money
– Recommendations on service improvements and alignment to best practice
– Architecture design assurance
– Advice surrounding cloud commercial models to optimise use and cost helping you set and manage your budget
– Reports of deviations from best practice


Our Approach

Our service reviews your current Azure instances and looks at their configuration, use and management.  This will be compared with best practice and our experience of managing cloud services.  We make recommendations to optimise the use, security and performance of all cloud resources and services being consumed, matching demand and requirements to cloud service features, availability and commercial opportunities. We identify any regular tuning that may be  required.

Our recommendations which when implemented and managed effectively can deliver significant cost savings, without compromising service performance or quality.

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