Shaping Cloud have a wealth of expertise in cloud migration and custom-built software development. We plan, implement and manage the cloud migration processes within an organisation. We believe cloud computing is the largest shift to happen in IT since start of the internet, leveling the playing field so that organisations of any size can have a highly available, global infrastructure without an upfront capital investment. Instead, we are free to focus on delivering the solution at the right scale, knowing that when the time comes we can turn resources on and off to meet demand.


As an official Microsoft Network Partner we provide multiple packages of Office 365 to meet every demand and develop bespoke IT systems in Windows Azure environment to help organisations utilise their IT potential fully. We do not just build any software. We focus on consulting, developing, migrating and supporting to create a bespoke IT system on the Microsoft Cloud that will be the perfect IT solution for the client. It means all our customers benefit from having their data held triplicate within Microsoft’s highly secure data centres that are known to exceed US federal government and international security standards; they also make their compliance certificates available publically.  We believe it is in everyone’s best interests to provide the best security for their customers.


We strongly believe in giving back and educating people in technology. We offer free services to charitable organisations and run free Office 365 workshops where absolutely everyone is welcome. If you are interested in working with us please contact us immediately.  

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